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ELON LIFESTYLE is a creativity driven lifestyle brand that encourages and inspires young creatives in the fashion and cosmetics industry.

This brand is own and creatively controlled by Joshua Brown



The ELON ELITE CLUB is a group of creative and young individuals that are designated by ELON LIFESTYLE to serve as models and ambassadors for the brand.

Being that we are a new brand to the fashion world, we are currently looking for models from ANY AND ALL EXPERIENCE LEVELS AND BACKGROUNDS. Majority of our photo shoots will be in Midtown or Lower Manhattan unless otherwise specified. For a limited time, we are opening our positions for talent across the country!


What would I do as an ELON ELITE?

As an ELON ELITE, you first start out as a ELON LIFESTYLE BRAND AFFILIATE. This means that you are responsible for promoting and advertising our product(s) on your social media page(s). We will provide you with a special link or discount code to be used by your audience. Once someone purchases a product with your link or code, you will receive 15% of their order as commission.


How does the application process work?

Once you submit your information (see next section), our team will review your application and see if you will be a good fit for the team. After this process, you will receive an email with information on your next steps as an ELON ELITE.


How long should I expect to wait before I hear a response?

We are new and spots are limited so you can expect at a 2-3 week wait window before you hear a response. We know this seems like a long time but, we are also setting up custom information to be ready once we accept you to our club!


How do I apply to become an ELON ELITE?

It's very simple submit the following information to :

  • Full Name
  • Phone Number
  • Email
  • Birthdate - MM/DD/YY
  • Height
  • Weight
  • Shirt Size
  • Previous modeling experience, if any
  • Attach at least 1 headshot (we take selfies too but please, no Snapchat filters!) and 1 full body shot* (optional). Cell phone photos are just fine!
  • Social Media Handle(s)

Please do not submit links to pictures on other sites.

Please format the Subject Line as followed: "FirstName-LastName_ELMODEL" (ex. Barack-Obama_ELMODEL)

Thank you for your interest!


For customer service inquiries, please E-mail us at For order inquiries, please include your order number for faster service.